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Studio Activities



10th of July 2020: PianoFest in het Muziekgebouw aan het IJ


4th of July 2020:PianoFest in het Muziekgebouw aan het IJ


1st of February 2020: Steinway Competition


12th of January 2020: EPTA Try Out

Invitation Only


11th of January 2020: Prinses Christina Concours


21st of December 2019

Six of my students will participate in PianoFest in the Conservatory of Amsterdam.

Two of them will participate in the competition and four of them will participate in the Festival.


20th of December 2019 :

Winterconcerts of the Muziektalent Almere Foundation

Yasumi, Justus and Rashika will perform in Goede Rede in Almere Haven.


In November 2019 my pianostudent Ayanna won the third prize at the Florence Music Competition.


In November 2019 my students Yasumi and Justus made it to the semi finals in the Florence Music Competition.


14th of September 2019:

My pianostudents Yasumi and Justus were selected to participate in Klassiek op het Amstelveld: 10.00-14.00 uur hrs

Adres: Amstelveld 1 in Amsterdam (open air concert).


10th of July 2019:

Anniversary concert for the 10- year celebration on my pianostudio PianolesAlmere. 


March and April 2019:

All 14 students have passed their EPTA exams with high marks!

Congratulations to:

A1: Kim, A2: Zoey, A2: Ayanna, B1: Rashika, B1: Hansini, B1: Elianne, B2: Mark, C1: Isabella, C1: Eileen, C2: Daniel, C2: Celeste, C2: Milou, D2: Justus, D2: Yasumi


22nd of December 2018:

PianoFest in the Conservatory of Amsterdam


13-14th of  December 2018:

Concerts of the MuziektalentAlmere Foundation


16th of December 2018:

PianolesAlmere Christmas Concerts 1 and 2.

Invitation only


30 November 2018:

Concert for my adult pianostudents.

Invitation only.


25 November 2018:

Final of the Haydn Festival Groningen in Oosterpoort.

My student Yasumi has been chosen as 1 of the 3 finalists in category B (10-12 years old).

Well done! Congratulations!


18 November 2018:

Preliminary Rounds of the Florence Music Competition.

Ayanna won the third prize in the preliminary round. Congrats!


17 en 18 November 2018:

Preliminary rounds of the Haydn Festival in Groningen:

My students Yasumi, Rashika, Hansini and Ayanna played beautifully!


11 November 2018:

Preliminary rounds of the Florence Competition (12-18 years) in The Hague

9 November 2018:

Try Out of the participants in the Haydn Festival and the Florence Competition.


15th and 16th of September 2018:

Klassiek op het Amstelveld in Amsterdam.

My students Ayanna and Yasumi were selected to perform on the Big Stage on Saturday the 15th of September.

22nd of June 2018

Two Year End Concerts in Amstelveen


12th of May 2018:

My pianostudent Justus is chosen to perform on the main stage in Goede Rede during the Festival Musique 2018.

He will perform pieces by J. Brahms and J.S. Bach.


EPTA Piano Grade Exams 2018:

On the 15th and the 22nd of April 2018 all my particpating students have passed their exams with merit. .


12th of April 2018 : EPTA Try Out
Special Try out  concert for my students participating in the EPTA  grade exams.


Home Concerts 2018:

On the 9th and 10th of February 2018 students of all ages and levels played beautifull!


Steinway Piano Competition 2018:

On his 13th birthday Justus performed very well at the Steinway Competition in Alkmaar. He played the Reverie by Debussy and a fugue by Bach BWV 953.



16th of december 2017 :

Winter Concert of the Muziektalent Almere Foundation

My students Justus and Yasumi were selected to particpate in the Winter Concerts of the Muziektalent Almere Foundation.

Haydn Muziek Festival Groningen 2017:

On the 18th of November 2017 three of my studetns (Rashika, Hansini and Justus) participated in the Haydn Muziek Festival in Groningen.

They all played very beautifully.

In November 2017 two of my piano students won prizes in the Final of the Florence Competition (12-18 years old).

JuYeong (12) won the second prize and the audience award and Justus (12) won the third prize. 




My pianostudent Yuri (13) won the fourth prize at the Final of the Florence Competition 2016 (12-18 years old). 

In the preliminary rounds of the Florence Competition three of my other students won prizes:

Justus won the 2nd prize,

Celeste won the third prize and

Hansini won a third prize.



My pianostudent JuYeong (10) won the second price at the Final of the Florence Competition 2015




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