Dalarna van der Kemp

Tuition Fee

The lesson prices are available on request for interested students.

Please contact me by telephone, email or whatsapp.

When I am teaching I do not answer my phone.

When you leave me a message I will contact you after the classes.

Tel: 06-5583396
Email: dalarna@pianolesalmere.nl

Terms and Conditions 2023:

  •  Each musical year consists of 3 lesson blocks of 10 lessons (each 60 minutes)
  •  The tuition fee is paid in advance per 10 lessons
  •  You receive a 10 week schedule with fixed lesson dates and lesson times
  •  You only pay during the 30 musical school weeks
  •  Cancel a lesson? Unfortunately no refund or make up lesson possible
  • Student and/or family ill or in quarantine?
  •  I will teach the lesson on Skype (with 2 cameras)
  •  Dalarna not able to teach? The lesson will be rescheduled
  • In case of lockdown pianolessons are given online
  • In case of limited visitor numbers at home pianolessons are given online
  •  In case of a curfew the pianolessons are given online
  • Sheetmusic is purchased by the student/parent.