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Wouldn't it be great if you or your child could play the piano?


I exclusively teach private lessons, where I work according to my unique method.

Private lessons guarantee 100% attention for the musical, rhythmical and piano-technical learning process of the student.

You can enroll yourself or your child for pianolessons at my studio starting from the age of five.


Making music has a positive impact on the development of a child.

By learning to play the piano, children gain motorical, cognitive, musical and social skills.


Making music also enhances the language acquisition by melody, intonation and rhythm ánd it helps students to express their emotions.


I like to work with students who are motivated and love making music.


For children it is essential that they are encouraged at home to practice on a daily basis and that they consistently attend weekly lessons.

That way we achieve the best results together.


For successful pianolessons, the student needs an accoustic (grand) piano at home.

These instruments are essential for the development of the touch and dynamic expression.


A good adjustable chair or bench is neccessary to learn a correct posture at the piano and to avoid injuries.


A musical school year consists of three blocks.

Each block consists of twelve individual pianolessons of 60 minutes at a fixed day and time each week.


Would you like to enroll yourself or your child? You can contact me easily:







Lesson Conditions:

- Each musical year consists of 3 lesson blocks of 12 lessons each

- The tuition fee is paid in advance per 12 lessons

- You receive a 12 week schedule with fixed lesson dates and lesson times

- You only pay during the 36 musical school weeks

- Cancel a lesson? Unfortunately no refund or make up lesson possible

- Student and/or parents ill? I will teach the lesson on Skype (with two cameras)

- Dalarna not able to teach? The lesson will be rescheduled

- Sheetmusic is purchased by the student or parent.








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