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These are a few quotes about my pianolessons from reviews of my students, parents and colleagues:


"Dalarna does not only teach you how to play the piano, but how to actually make music.”

Eileen Kapel


 “Dalarna is the embodiment of piano pedagogy .”

Xander Horjus


“Dalarna is patient, critical is a pleasant way and gets the best out of you.

The nice thing is that you can play whatever music you like: classical, pop, jazz, everything is possible.”

José Reuser


 “The lessons here are not only very nice, but they actually helped me with my school work. Through attending Dalarna's lessons I learned how to make a planning a get my homework done in time.”

Celeste Kelders


“What struck me most was that all piano students of Dalarna moved their arms, wrists and hands in a very natural way, this is essential for creating a beautiful and expressive sound on the piano. ”

Cora Greevenbosch (musician)


“Dalarna puts you at ease and has a very pleasant style of teaching that makes you progress in a short amount of time.”

Isabella van Biemen


"Dalarna has a great musical mind, and she is a highly skilled and experienced musician, piano teacher and pedagogue. Highly recommended!

Ralph van Raat (musician)


“Ms. Dalarna is an excellent pianist and teacher.

Ms. Dalarna supports children in their learning at every step and ensures that children develop an in depth understanding of all aspects of piano playing.”

Pooja Gariwala Shah


“Dalarna stands for exclusivity, patience and personal.

A huge asset for the personal and musical development of your children."
Deborah Cabau


 “We were lucky enough to find a great piano teacher for our daughter.”

“She does not drill and kill but keeps children motivated through constant encouragement.”

“I highly recommend Dalarna as a piano teacher.”

Shashikala Dambal


“Her enthousiasm and energetic way of teaching inspire me.

Mandy Fan









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